The Plan of the Temple of Solomon

Many fail seeing the significance of the word “plan” in a biblical text. 2 Chronicles 28:11-21 mentions “the plan” four times. Its Hebrew word “tabnet” and its root “taknet” is found only two other places. One is Exodus 25:9, 40, and Ezekiel 40:1-4 and 43:10-11. Alluding to Exodus and Ezekiel, the writer of the Book of Chronicles conveys a deeper meaning than building a temple by the plan. He signifies David the Messianic fulfillment of the prophets Moses and Ezekiel. There is more to it. The cherubim, the flying chariot, the mercy seat, the showbread, and the lamp and lampstand attest to Eden. All the contents of the the temple in 2 Chronicles 28:11-21 telegraph to Eden.

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