The Gates of Hell at Caesarea Philippi and the Transfiguration

The identification of this rock has been debated for a very long time. The area’s geography is the key to understanding the passage. Eventually, this place became known as “Pan’s Grotto.” The god Pan was represented with horns, a goat’s beard, a crooked nose, pointed ears and tail and goat’s feet. It is why the early church described the devil in those ways. Peter’s confession at the rock of Caesarea Philippi and the transfiguration that follows are matters of spirtual warfare. Mount of Transfiguration is the place where Jesus appeared in splendor to three of His disciples (Mt. 17:2; Mk. 9:2; Lk. 9:28). Both Matthew (17:1) and Mark (9:2) call it “a high mountain.” Luke (9:28) refers to it as “the mountain,” as though it was so familiar that it required no further identification.

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