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Becoming Full-Grown in Discipleship: The Best Parts of Following Jesus ~ By Dale Moreau

Get Your Copy Today – Discipleship starts in “the moral character of God.” The very nature of God is moral. He loves the unlovable. He forgives the unforgiveable. He focuses on the well-being of His creation. Discipleship is the spiritual journey of becoming like God in His moral character. Discipleship is Christlikeness. A biblical disciple is a willing learner copying the holiness of the Messiah. The book focuses on Christlikeness working itself out in church ritual and everyday life. The book’s simplicity and depth make it a book for all people. Laypeople, youth pastors, and adult pastors will find fresh ways of doing ministry. Students, teachers, and professors at Bible schools will find answers to the tough questions. Even non-believers will find new and exciting ways of thinking about Christianity. Chapters such as “Jesus Goes to Hell,” “Honk Your Horn for Jesus,” and “Baptismal Warfare” put forth fresh insights. Read the chapters within the context of the other chapters and learn from them. Then your journey into Christlike discipleship will take new leaps and bounds.

Cultural Intelligence: Living for God in a Diverse, Pluralistic World ~ By Dr. Darrell L. Bock

Get Your Copy Today – Cultural intelligence requires that we understand the changing world around us, and engage these changes in ways that edify the church and winsomely seek after the lost. In Cultural Intelligence, Darrell L. Bock builds a theology of cultural engagement, and equips readers to relate well to their culture with an eye on the example set by Paul in the New Testament. This timely book will highlight the need to center our beliefs and practices around God’s word while interacting well with a culture that is increasingly detached from biblical truth.

Signs of the Messiah: An Introduction to John’s Gospel ~ By Dr. Andreas Köstenberger

Get Your Copy Today – That you may believe

Have you ever asked God for a sign? Throughout Scripture, God gave signs to his people, whether mighty acts during the exodus or miracles through Elijah and Elisha. Jesus was also asked for a sign. Yet despite giving seven remarkable signs, his people refused to believe him.
In Signs of the Messiah, Andreas Köstenberger–veteran New Testament scholar and expert on the Gospel of John–guides readers through John and highlights its plot and message. John’s Gospel is written to inspire faith in Jesus. By keeping the Gospel’s big picture in view, readers will see Jesus’ mighty signs and be compelled to trust more fully in the Messiah.
Readers will have a deeper grasp of John’s message and intent through this short and accessible introduction.